Joining the mile-high club
Fantasies during a hypnotic trance can be much more immersive than when awake. This means that they seem more real, more involving. The person in the trance becomes much more engaged in the fantasy than if they were awake.

This also means that the fantasy is more intense, exciting and arousing for them.

In a hypnotic fantasy you can be in any scenario. You can be making love outdoors, in public, while being watched or even with a famous celebrity. You can even make love in outer space!
Female doctor on mattress Couple in shower Teacher with cane
As many scenarios as you want

Hypnotic fantasies can be anything you or your partner find exciting.

Fancy an encounter with a doctor on duty? A sexy shower? Or maybe you or your partner have an idea involving a teacher that's a turn on. For something particularly kinky, what about making love to a martian?
Girl at bar