Man hypnotising woman
Hypnotising someone is simple and easy. As long as they are positive and open it's usually just a matter of doing a straightforward induction. "Induction" is the technical term for hypnotising someone. Look Into My Eyes explains how to do it and gives you a number of techniques to try. Basically, it's about getting your partner to focus on something and then you talk them into the trance.

After you've hypnotised your partner, you deepen the trance for a bit and then you get to what could be called the "work" phase. This is where you put your partner's trance to use, directing them to perform whatever activities you have in mind (I'm sure that you know what I mean!) and giving them post-hypnotic suggestions to follow after you've woken them up.

When you're done with the trance you follow a simple procedure to wake them up.
What you need to hypnotise someone

You don't need any special tools to hypnotise someone. All that's really required is something for your subject to focus on. This could be the end of a pen or a spot on the wall. That said, yours truly has a preference for wooden metronomes (for the sound of the ticking). A rotating spiral can also be quite effective. If I'm standing next to the person then I'll also sometimes use the tip of my finger.

The most important things you need though, are enthusiasm, a bit of patience and a readiness to practice. You can feel a bit awkward the first couple of times you hypnotise someone but, amazingly, it works and often works very well.