One of the really great things about hypnosis is that when you or your partner are hypnotised all distractions are gone. You can and do just focus on what you're told. And if what you're told is to think about sex then that's all there is for you. It means that you are 100% sex-focussed and you can consistently reach the peak of your arousal and responsiveness.

There are lots of aspects to sex, of course. Foreplay, mutual masturbation, sensual touching and "the endgame" all become heightened experiences.

Masturbation can be done with your partner or solo. In both cases hypnosis can make it more intense and satisfying. And if you give your partner the right post-hypnotic suggestions then they'll fly that much higher when they're flying solo.

If you or your partner feel awkward or embarrassed masturbating while being watched but the idea is a real turn-on, then hypnosis can help get rid of that particular inhibition.
Girl on bed